Soini Church

The church was built in 1793 by Yrjäänä Lepistö from Kuortane together with parishioners. At the time the church was built Soini had 20-30 houses and a population of approx. 200-300 people. No documents related to the construction of the church from that time has been preserved. Apparently there has been no drawings either. The first church was a modest and low building without a tower. The church had a tiled roof and it was also unlined and unpainted. There has been eight windows and the top windows were crescent-shaped. The church had no heating devices of any kind, and the inside was also unpainted. A tower for the church was built in 1840 and it was lined with vertical planking.

According to current information, in front of Tapuli is located Finland’s onlyfemale pauper statue.

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Pictures from Soini Church

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