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Lappajärvi Church

Lappajärven kirkko The first church and tabuli of the Lappajärvi parish were built in 1637. The current cruciform church with beveled outer corners and tabuli ...
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Lappajärvi museum

Lappajärvi Museum Lappajärvi museum is located in the former town hall of Lappajärvi, which was built as the main building for a farmhouse in Soini ...
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Meteorite Center

Meteorite Center The exhibition complex of the Meteorite Center is located on the ground floor of Hotel Kivitippu. It consists of eight different exhibitions. At ...
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Lake Lappajärvi 

Lake Lappajärvi Lappajärvi was born approx. 77 million years ago by a meteorite hit on the ground. Lappajärvi is a unique provincial lake in the ...
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